3 Steps To Selling On Breeziee:

1. Create your link's sales page

2. Share the sales page with your friends, fans, and followers

3. Relax and watch as the sales roll in!

We'll handle the rest.
It's that easy!

Breeziee lets you add a paywall to any link. We charge no fees and take no cuts. If you can link it, you can sell it, and Breeziee makes it easy.

Sell anything with a link. Quickly, Easily, &

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Does This Work?
After filling out the simple form on our homepage, your file will be posted for sale in our directory, and your sales page will be generated automatically. Simply share your sales page, and you'll be selling in no time! Struggle free!

2. What Kind Of Files Can I Sell?
Anything! The sky's the limit here - as long as you've made it, and you can link to it, you can sell it.

3. How Do I Promote My Files?
Simply share the sales page links provided in the marketing section of the control panel; they all lead to your file.

4. Who Can Buy My Files?
Anyone! Breeziee lets you market your own files, and gives you the tools to do so, through the marketing page, available in the control panel. You tell people about your files, and we handle all the selling!

5. How Do I Get Paid?
Payments go right to your PayPal account as soon as they are received. We take no cuts or fees.

6. Can I Use Breeziee If I Don't Live In The US?
Yes, but for now, you'll only be able to accept payments in USD. We'll add support for international currencies soon.

7. I Still Have A Question!
Awesome! You can send it to us here.